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Designing and Developing Your Site

We don’t care if you need just a few tweaks to your currents site or a new one created from scratch; we can handle it all. A customer can, and will, base their entire opinion of a company based on how their website looks. It doesn’t matter if you have the best prices, best staff, and best services around; if your site doesn’t look professional, isn’t user-friendly and doesn’t show up high on search engine rankings, you won’t get that customer’s business.

We’ll also help to figure out what demographic you want to target, your company goals, what you expect from this marketing campaign, as well as short and long term business goals. We’ll work with what you like, instead of what just works best.

You get the final word in the overall site design. We can provide several options, and all you have to do is pick your favorite. After that’s done, we start building each page making them as easy to use as possible and fully functional. When we’re done with this process, we’ll let you know so that both of our teams can test out what we’ve done, making sure it’s just what both of us want and we’ll do tweaking where necessary. Then it goes live!

Going Mobile

There aren’t really a whole lot of people that leave their work at their desktop or laptop in their office. With tablets and smartphones becoming the norm, people are bringing their work with them everywhere. This is why in addition to the full desktop site; we will also assist in developing a fully-functional mobile site. These mobile sites will be completely accessible on smartphones and tablets, and both Android and iOS platforms.

We will create a separate SEO campaign for these sites, as it has been proven that most mobile users will search for a brand rather than typing in the address out of convenience. This gives you an extra way to show up on a web search that you may not have thought about before.